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In order to make more money you can organize your billing process through insurance companies for more rapid payments.


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We look forward to fix exasperation that arises while dealing with insurance companies and ensure that you carry on easily.

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For any kind of doubts or queries you can straight away reach us at our helpline number. We are available round the clock to assist you in every possible manner.

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Reduce claim rejections and get paid faster

Apostle’s accurate reporting and analytics

Easy medicare billing management

Keep all your payer claims on track

Accelerate your Medicare insurance claims

Medicare eligibility and benefits at your fingertips

Why Choose Apostle ?

In the dynamic healthcare systems of today, organizations are eternally dependent on the capability to incorporate systems. At the same time, handling the bottom line has become much more challenging. The accomplishment of a clinical task is measured by the capability to utilize the data in order to drive the bottom line.

We adopt several measures to cut down the need for large capital investments in software as well as hardware. This helps you to put your capital into some more productive projects. We aim to deliver industry-leading technology in order to assist you in revenue cycle operation.

Apostle presently offers services to a huge number of clients and clinical providers under one association. We recognize the unique challenges and demands that come across with groups of physicians and providers.

Apostle not only provides billing and revenue cycle facilities, but also has the capability to instrument a group of trade-leading electronic medical record (EMR) expertise, and again without investing a large capital. We not just offer access to the expertise, but also provide training, deployment, first and second tier user assistance as well.

Apostle may prove to be your dexterous partner in every possible way. Our know-how and resources are potent enough to meet operational and technology requirements as soon as they arise.


Apostle RCM adheres to all the guidelines and policies of HIPAA. We understand that the release of any unauthorized information is harmful for us and our business. All our emails and printers are secured and we constantly educate our employees about HIPAA and its vitality.

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It’s a challenge to create and sustain a thriving practice

There is a crisis developing within the medical marketplace. Reduced reimbursements and the increasing cost of delivering care make it difficult for healthcare businesses to stay in the black.

of potential revenue is lost due to inefficient front-end practices.

of only patient balances owed are collected by doctors.

of rejected insurance claims are never reprocessed by offices.

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There’s a constant need to frame dynamic approaches for Medicare claims submission and processing. You should look for the perfect fit for your facility. Apostle offers you the facility to process your Medicare claims and efficient and cost-effective transmit as well. Apostle, not only helps you to become more efficient, but also improves cash flow and maximizes your revenue.

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